PLA & Labor Consulting


Epic has provided PLA Studies for more than twenty projects in nine New York Counties.

Epic maintains an expertise and has extensive experience with Project Labor Agreement (PLA) Feasibility Studies, PLA Economic Cost Analysis and PLA Negotiation.  Separately, Epic’s experience has also involved labor liaison/ labor relations services, wage monitoring and compliance consulting, collective bargaining agreement (CBA) negotiation, community-based and resident-based apprenticeship and workforce entry programs.

Epic’s labor-related experience spans several east coast states, comprising more than thirty building and construction trades councils, construction employer associations and construction industry memberships including the leading national construction labor and employment law council.

Listed below are recent Epic consulting services involving:

  • PLA Feasibility Studies and Economic Cost Analysis
  • PLA Negotiation
  • Wage Compliance Consulting
  • Labor Liaison Consulting
  • Local Resident Hiring
  • Workforce Development and Apprenticeship Entry Consulting