Consulting Services


Epic Management performs a variety of Consulting Services with our in house staff including but not limited to:
• Scheduling
• Cost Estimating
• Staff Augmentation
• PLA and Labor Consulting
• Facilities Management

Epic’s vast experience in successfully delivering hundreds of projects in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Georgia and Florida over the past 50 years as Design-Builder, General Contractor and Construction Manager, puts our Team in a position to achieve success. A truly successful effort, however, includes both schedule compliance as well as the capacity to provide Total Quality Management to the process. Our skilled team of specialists maintain project controls from start to finish and provide transparent communication to our Client’s throughout the entire construction process.

Quality assurance / quality control and Safety is at the forefront of all Consulting Services offered by Epic. Quality assurance / quality control is a philosophy and concept where all parties are committed to understanding the owner’s needs, design intent, critical procedures and tasks needed for compliance and pitfalls to avoid. Quality assurance is also a dynamic and living concept where planning is obviously critical for optimal control and avoidance but the construction process is also flexible to offer new, more creative ideas for improved efficiency of changes conditions.
Epic practices a proactive approach to safety which has resulted in an EMR of 0.663. While always striving to improve our overall safety effort, our Team practices constant communication with all concerned parties on a daily basis to confirm their buy in to this goal through the use of our site specific safety plan.

Providing solutions from pre-construction to closeout.

Epic Management, Inc. has been an integral participant in thousands of projects since 1971. We look forward to bringing our hands on, roll-up-our sleeves work ethic to your next opportunity. Contact us today to get started.

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