Morris Street Parking Structure

New Brunswick, NJ

Structured Parking

Client: City of New Brunswick Parking Authority

Project: Morris Street Parking Structure

Epic’s Role: Construction Manager / Agent 

Construction Costs: $18.5 million

Project scope: Pre-construction, construction and close-out professional services for this new, ten level, double-tee precast concrete structure. 

Project Highlights: 820 space parking facility that provides parking for the adjacent new Rutgers Rockoff Hall, as well as nearby theaters, and the planned Heldrich Center. The garage is wrapped on the east and south with 13 stories of student housing. The integration of these two buildings is the project’s most unique feature; ten story fire walls separate the housing and garage by six inches, and an entry/exit to the parking structure that runs underneath Rockoff Hall.

key elements: The garage operates 24 hours per day, 365 days a year with an automated “pay on foot” revenue collection system allowing for efficient continuous garage operation.  Extensive technology and camera equipment enable security operations to be efficiently monitored.  Garage equipment includes an oil-water separator.

New Brunswick Morris St 1
New Brunswick Morris St 2
New Brunswick Morris St 1
New Brunswick Morris St 2

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