Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation and Mitigation (RREM) Program

Jersey Shore, NJ

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Client: Gilbane

Project: RREM Program for Superstorm Sandy Recovery

Epic’s Role: Sub consultant construction manager

Construction Costs: $1.1 billion

Epic is acting as sub consultant construction manager to Gilbane (serving as Program Manager) on this massive undertaking providing recovery assistance to residents of the Jersey Shore after their homes and businesses were destroyed during Superstorm Sandy on October 29, 2012.  The storm stranded millions of people for days, crippled public infrastructure and caused an estimated $65 billion in property damage.  The RREM Program is a New Jersey sponsored program to provide financial and logistical support in helping homeowners recover and rebuild.  

Following the storm, New Jersey was allocated $1.1 billion in Federal funds to help qualified homeowners repair or rebuild their homes. The RREM Program, the largest housing recovery program ever launched in NJ, provides eligible homeowners with up to $150,000 each in grant awards to restore their primary residence.  The program is intended to fill the gap between the cost of repairs and other funds the homeowners have received (through insurance, FEMA, SBE or other non-profit organizations) to make necessary repairs.  

Epic provides an extension of staff to Gilbane to enable site and home inspections to be completed in a more efficient manner and provide cost estimates for reconstruction, rehabilitation or elevation of the homes.  Our role ensure repairs are being performed by contractors that comply with the RREM standards and inspect construction as it progresses as well as approving progress payments to the contractors.  The team handles approximately 200 site inspections a month and at any given time is overseeing construction for nearly 100 homeowners.  

RREM Program 1
RREM Program 1

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