Meadowbrook & Woodmere Elementary Schools

Eatontown, NJ


Client: Eatontown School District

Project: Two School Renovations Program

Epic’s role: Construction Manager

Construction costs: $12 million

Project scope: Meadowbrook and Woodmere Elementary Schools underwent major renovation work throughout both buildings during the year of 2007. The renovations at both schools consisted of asbestos floor tile abatement, ceiling and lighting replacement, refinishing of wood floors and stages, complete bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, new finishes throughout, complete window replacement, roof replacement, electrical service upgrades, installation of a completely new roof top unit and ducted heating/cooling system and construction of a mansard roof to house the mechanical and ductwork assemblies.

Due to the fact that the majority of the work was scheduled during the school year, the project was scheduled in phases which would allow the school to function, as well as permit the contractor to work within specific areas of the building. Initially, a significant amount of after hours supervised work was required to prepare the overall buildings for the phased work.

In addition to the overall construction, the project required the following:

  • Close coordination with the asbestos abatement consultant and air monitoring to allow faculty and student access the following day.
  • Scheduling and coordinating with school personnel when phases would change and relocation of students from one section of the school to the other would be required.
  • Constant supervision to ensure the facility was safe from after hours work the previous night and maintaining the safety of school staff and students during normal working hours.

The project was completed on time and within the budget of the Board of Education. The start of school was not delayed in September and not one day of school was compromised throughout the entire project.


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